Who Runs the World Personas

Writing Sample – Advertising Copy

Graphic Treatment

Brainstorm Meteorologist
Keeps a digital scrapbook
Creates own hieroglyphic shorthand
Contributes to community idea generator
Always has something to do on a rainy day
Became a Discovery World emember

Shape and Color Liberator
Colors outside the lines
Sees the world as a palette
Challenged the principles of optics
Mixes stripes and polka dots

Cultural Chemist
Maps genetic family trees
Visits the library weekly
Knows everyone in neighborhood by first name
Favors a 4,000 year old dance move

Dream Leader
Conducts online brainstorming
Mentors fifth graders
Keeps an idea sketchbook
Calls mom every Sunday

Hydroponic Poet
Plants natural insecticides
Mixes homemade ink
Cultivates virtual birchbark
Rows to work

Super Naturalist
Passes on buying a hybrid and learns eco-driving
Knows invasive species by name
Takes urban hikes
Keeps room clean

Viscountess of Bits and Bytes
Speaks, English, Spanish and binary code
Measures typing speed in IM correspondence
Carries a digital encyclopedia
Trains parakeets to check email

Wealth Architect
Engineers dream careers
Builds homes for charity
Makes own schedule
Laughs at the term “casual Friday”

Wireless Superbrain
Conducts online auctions from a cell phone
Recycles discarded electronics
Carries “desktop” in one pocket
Writes haiku in ASCII

Industrial Botanist
Designs compost-powered laptops
Genetically engineers free-range vegetables
Believes nature is the ultimate engineer
Speaks dandelion language

Cloud Engineer
Knows why the sky is blue
Chases storms
Prints water molecules in 3-D
Loves heights

Freshwater Draughtsman
Collects rainwater and digital music
Knows eight ways to purify water
Maps Milwaukee’s water features
Chews ice

Maestro of Words and Pictures
Thinks a word is worth a thousand pictures
Sings in color
Paints with words
Teaches robots interpretive dance

Master of Spin and Perspective
Thinks in seven spatial dimensions
Dreams of new ways to connect people
Coordinates words and pictures
Operates business from neighborhood coffee shop

Hyper Visualist
Storyboards the future
Carries a creative license
Meditates on meditation
Starts day by reading the clouds

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