Dream Big Think Small: Nanotechnology

Writing Sample – Ad Copy: campaign to educate teens about Nanotechnology

Graphic Treatment

Nano Medicine
Nanoscopic robots will be inhaled and begin fighting harmful viruses and bacteria before a patient even has a sniffle.

Nano Computers
Nanochips smaller than dust particles will allow powerful computers to be carried in one hand.

Nano Air Bags
A net of specialized molecules will surround an individual and provide invisible protection from impact and minor accidents.

Alternative Power
Nano-engineered solar cells will reduce our reliance on fossil fuels; thereby, reducing cost and pollution while protecting our natural resources.

Nano Air Purifier
Air filters will go to the atomic level to separate clean air from pollutants; air quality will return to levels not seen since before the Industrial Revolution.

Space Holidays
Inexpensive fuel sources and stronger, easier-to-manufacture materials will make space vacations an inexpensive alternative to earthly destinations.

Nano Cosmetics
Make-up, tattoos and colored contacts will be replaced with nanotreatments that alter skin and eye color for a day, a week or even a month.

Indestructible Fashion
Enhanced textiles will result in clothes that resist water, wrinkles and stains while providing protection from extreme temperatures and environments without sacrificing comfort, weight or quality.

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